What did European leaders have to say about the ‘MaltaEU2017’ Presidency?

“Malta is well equipped to chair in an exemplary way, in an extraordinarily successful way.”

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor

“An extraordinary job is being done by the Maltese EU Presidency. A steady, solid and superb rotating presidency of the Council is even more important in times like these.”

Donald Tusk, European Council President

“Malta may be a small country, but it is a country with great ambitions. Coming from Luxembourg, I’m a specialist at smaller entities, and I know from experience that Presidencies of smaller countries have been far more successful than those of bigger states in the European Union and this will be proven once again this year.”

Jean-Claude Juncker, European Commission President

“The Maltese EU Presidency is faring very well, and we actually see lots of dedication to this work of Presidency, and it is in fact quite often you’ll see that smaller countries are engaging very actively in this work, having lots of dedication and eventually make for very successful presidencies.”

Valdis Dombrovskis, European Commissioner

“The Maltese EU Presidency can help us unleash the possibilities of higher levels of investments in Member States.”

Frans Timmermans, First Vice-President of the European Commission

“Malta is undertaking and assuming the Presidency at an important and critical period. We are very happy to see a Mediterranean country assume this Presidency and a country with which we can have contact and we can communicate with it’s Prime Minister on the basis of common objectives and ideas.”

Alexis Tsipras, Prime Minister of Greece

“We appreciate the preparations he [Prime Minister Joseph Muscat] has made.”

Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary 


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